Things to do on Gili T

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Paddle Boarding

Take one of the big boards and enjoy the ride. If you are luckily you got to see some Turtles sticking their head out the water next to you. It is not recommended to paddle over to Meno or in bad weather conditions

Insider Tip: Charge your Go pro and let your partner paddle while you enjoy the epic surrounding.

Take a Yoga class

Yoga is just about as big as diving is on Gili T. There are lots of different types of yoga, as well as centres to choose from.
The Yoga Place runs a relaxing sunset yoga at Exile Bar on the beach daily at 4.30pm.

Or for something a little different, try your hand at Fly High Yoga for an extra stretch and a bit of upside down fun, at Villa Sunset Beach, on the sunset side of the island.

Best of the Rest…

Horseback Riding

What could be more romantic than riding into sunset on a horse? We got one or two stalls on the Island that can take you.

Yacht Trip

Why not spoil you and your friends with a private yacht? Take your own booze and music and tell the captain where to sail to. We guarantee it’s a rich life feeling!


Hell yeah! Who doesn’t like a nice massage. There are plenty of Spas on the island, you just have to choose one.

The Hill

This is a little gem on the Island and you won’t find many people up there. Worth a little hike in the morning or for Sunset- 360 degrees view over the three Gilis, Bali and Lombok!

Mini Golf / Trampoline

No one is too old for Mini Golf! Also opened in the evening to avoid the heat. Good fun and you know what? They also got three big trampolines!


Yes Yes, the muscles need to stay big to have the perfect body on the beach! No worries, Trawangan has even got a Gym.


Worth to get up for or just never go to bed. Seeing the sun rising behind Rinjani – Indonesia’s 2nd highest volcano: Unforgettable!


One of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen in our life! Every sunset is different and you can wave at Bali too! Enjoy it at one of the several beach bars on the quieter west side of the island.


Let a boat drag you off the beach and enjoy the parasailing around the three gilis! Tipp: Make sure your go pro is secured, you are going high up!


When you cycle around the Island you will find quite a lot volley ball nets. As soon you start playing locals will join you- fun and smiles guaranteed.


If see through or with an engine- it’s up to you what you would like to see or where you end up! Keep an eye for the turtles!

Beach cinema

If you are looking for a quieter evening enjoy one of the beach cinemas and hear the waves crashing against the shore and the stars sparkling above you.


Learn how to hold your breath and dive deep down to 20 meters on one single breath, completely without equipment!

Cooking class

You wouldn’t believe how many different ingredients and sambal or curry has until you have made it by yourself.

Try different food

Mhh…yummm…food! Indonesia has a huge variation of food and every single one is worth a try. “Nasi campur”- mixed rice, tempe, tofu or “Nagasari”- things you will never forget. Same food but every Warung (local restaurant) has a different receipt. Decisions, decisions.

Night Market

“Where can we find local food for dinner?” At the night market! Decide for one of the food stalls which the most appealing to you and enjoy the hustle bustle around you. Fish, meat or vegetable skewers – the locals cook all day to provide you the best food.

Bike Ride

Ahh by far the best and most famous activity to do on Trawangan. Grab a bike for cheap and cycle around or through the Island. You will get lost but luckily you are on an Island! Enjoy the countless palm trees, cows and happy locals!

Beach Clean Up

Every Friday a group of volunteers goes around the beach and picks up the marine debris or left overs from the night before. Rewarded with a free beer hosted by Gili Eco trust and different companies. Happy about anyone joining!

Jammin’ with the Locals

You will be surprised: Nearly every local is able to sing or play a guitar. There is nothing better than a spontaneous jam session in the streets or on the beach. Water gallons turned out to be a great drum.

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